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Human Resources

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Strategic Human Resource Professionals (SHRP) dedicated to help improve business functionality and effectiveness.

SHRP Business Solutions, LLC provides HR support and services for all businesses in order to allow business owners to focus on their workforce and operations instead of smaller but important functions of the business. 

We also provide supplemental and support services to HR departments. We are not limited to specific industries as we partner with leaders in all industries.


Our services are flexible in that they range from providing administrative services to providing individual and interdepartmental services to existing HR departments.


For startup businesses, we assist in developing your HR department and even serve as your HR department for a short period of time.


Benefits of using an HR Consultant:
1. Reduce HR Costs: Outsourcing your human resources tasks and hiring to an HR consultant saves a significant amount of money. 
2. Focus on Business Operations: Outsourcing not only saves you money but time. Outsourcing hiring can free up time to grow your business and achieve business goals while benefiting from the experience of your HR Consultant who works to fill vacancies, reduce turnover and ensure up-to-date compliance. 
3. Benefit from their experience and networks: Our HR professionals have experience in various industries bringing your company a wealth of knowledge and best practices. In addition to various industries, we have access to a huge network of HR                                                                .professionals and best practices state to state,                                                                       . industry to industry. 

Services We Offer:



Not sure whether our services are for you, call and schedule a consultation. It costs nothing for us to discuss your business needs.