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Direct Hire Placement

"You're not just recruiting, you are sowing the seeds of your reputation."
                                                                 -Author Unknown
What you put in your organization determines what you get out of it!
SHRP Solutions, LLC takes a more thorough approach to filling your vacancies. We look at the big picture. Our big picture shows your current vacancy, future vacancy, and potential employee contribution to your workforce. We design a recruiting module that addresses every aspect of that big picture in detail.
Next we look at methods of attracting adequate talent that not only can perform the job but that will provide quality service to the organization. 


SHRP Business Solutions, LLC is committed to your organization's goal to hire, manage, and retain talented employees. Let us help recruit and retain top talent to your organization.

Our recruiting services are affordable and more cost-effective than most recruiting agencies in the Greenville area.  Let our professionals handle the worry and concerns of your recruiting, so you can focus on your business.

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Company Benefits: 

We conduct thorough searches for top candidates and provide extensive screening to identify the most suitable candidate for your organization. 
We recruit using our values-to-values method where we find the perfect match for the job and the organization.